Pelham 2017

– Patricia Wallner:

How To Work With Your Child At Home-Participants (Präsentation German / english)

Montessori and its next generation-Participants (Präsentation German / english)

Approaching Food Edit (Präsentation German / english)

– Heidi Philippart:

Toilet Independence (Präsentation German / english)

You get the Film from „“ search  „I Jusd Sued The School System“ in english
Sie bekommen den Film über „“ Suche „I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!! German / deutsch“ in Deutsch

– Patricia Spinelli:

l’Education à la Paix Pelham Anglais (Präsentation German / english)

– Chis Gilham:

The Universality of the Erdkinder principles – implementation (Präsentation German / english)

The psychological characteristics of adolescence (Präsentation German / english)